Water wars
Water Wars (Water Balloon Battle)
Water Wars (Water Balloon Battle)


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Setup Area: 40x40

Actual Size: 40x40

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 2 x 20A 110V

DescriptionThe Water Wars water balloon launcher is a new and exciting way to beat the heat -- plus some friendly competition that everyone is sure to love! It's a great spectator sport as well, but be ready for all the squeals of delight and victory! Water Wars can be played with 2 to 4 teams (e.g. school class against class, or family against family at a neighborhood event), or even just one-on-one competition! Depending on your format, participants can play for a set time period, per bucket of balloons, or however it works best for your group. Just have them "man the battle stations" and enjoy the fun! The Water Wars game includes 2 special high-speed balloon filling nozzle for super-fast re-supply of water-filled amunition! It's easy to fill the water balloons with the high-speed system that simiply connects to a regular garden hose.