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Bumpas Express
Bumpa's Express

Bumpa's Express

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Bumpa's Express 

ALL ABOARD! THIS is the Bumpa's Express! Hop on our trackless train, an experience that accommodates both young children and adults! Bumpa’s Express can chug along various terrains including cemented roads, grassy areas, and pavement, making this trackless train a unique and easy addition to any party or event! 

Capacity –  16-18 Passengers (6 children or 4 adults per coach) Short Turning Radius 18 feet curb to curb Safety Features: Seatbelts, Light, Train Bell, Train Horn LED Head light

*Our train is not able to jump curbs, run on muddy or soft surfaces, nor can it chug up and down hills.

$350.00 for 2 hours. Each additional hour is $125.00.