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Extreme Nerf Tag Lakeland Moonwalk
Extreme Nerf Tag

Extreme Nerf Tag

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Similar to Laser Tag each player will be equipped with a RIVAL NERF gun and a IPS VEST which will trigger points every time a player is hit. Great for all ages, even adults! 

This fun packed Tag Nerf Gun Wars IPS Light System Interactive game that allows 2 teams to play tag. 10 Players wear a vest with the light puck attached to the front or back - Teams have 45 seconds or you can select by hits (25/50/100) to tag their color lights (Red team and Green Team). By hits : the first team to reach the selected amount of hits wins. The score board keeps score to see who the winner is. 2 different game modes allow for beginners to tag as many light as they can in 45 seconds, while the more challenging game setting changes the light as soon as the other team tags their color all the lights switch to a different puck. Rent the Tag Nerf Gun Wars IPS Light System Interactive TODAY.